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Dick Bartolo, The Giz Wiz on Puppy Bumpers

The Giz Wiz plays “What The Heck Is It?” with OMGChad!


Know what that gadget the doggie is wearing does? 

It’s a Puppy Bumpers, a clever device to keep dogs safer. Don’t let your dog escape through a fence or accidentally fall from a balcony by pushing through the bars or crawling under the railing. I had not heard of Puppy Bumpers before Global Pet Expo 2015, but I know about them now. They are patented, award winning stuffed safety collars that attach easily to an existing dog collar to keep your dog safe.Puppy Bumpers were invented by Ann W. Price to solve the problem of her Maltese puppies getting through a baby gate. It was a huge success and won many awards. In order to keep up with demand production was moved to STEPS, Inc. in Victoria, VA, a company that employs people with special challenges.  All Puppy Bumpersare now made at STEPS, Inc. Puppy Bumpers, Inc. continues to add styles and features that are suggested by their customers and now the line includes Ultra (tough), Rainy Day (water-resistant) and the new Glow Pups (reflective) Puppy Bumpers as well as the most popular, Original Puppy Bumpers. Prices start at $24.50.

PuppyBumper Company Video: 

See or hear this  Goes live late 3/12/15