Laura Writes: I saw your message about submitting pics of pets with your product.. Attached is our Rosie. I looked up options online because we had tried everything. At every opportunity our chiweenie would find a way under/in between the fence. We are a military family and move frequently so it would take a while to figure out all the spots she could get out. Also when we visited family she escaped a chain link fence underneath and was gone for hours. Scared us to death. Anyway, since having the puppy bumper she stays in the yard. If we take it off even for a day she gets out. She comes back but I’m so afraid she will get hit by a car. We are SO GRATEFUL for puppy bumpers. It has saved our sanity for sure. First purchased off amazon. But just placed an order for a few more from you guys directly. Shes pretty rough on them so I’m hoping getting the heavy duty one will help. I have needed a backup because she has gotten out while hers was in the wash.


Marie Sent us nice note:  Here’s a photo of Jazzy with her (dirty) glow bumper functioning perfectly.


Melissa Writes: I got my order – here are photos of Tucker. He adjusted quickly and it is such a relief that he cannot get through the fence now!!


We received our puppy bumper and it is perfect!!! He weighed in at 3.8 lbs yesterday but he is small still he kind of kicks it when he walks. We worked with Oreo’s mom to help ensure a great fit, you can see we added an extra snap.  


Love the puppy bumper! Here is Our cutie pie, Gus, sporting his! Thank you for a great product that will keep our little guy safe! Kindest regards, Andrea


Just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you!! Puppy Bumpers have literally been life changing for our family.  Our little Cavalier quickly learned that he could fit right through our fence and made a run for it every time we let him out.  After desperately searching for a solution online, I learned about Puppy Bumpers from a breeder’s website and ordered one right away.  It works perfectly and our little Max is happy as can be now running around the backyard as free as can be.  He doesn’t even mind having it on around the house.  We are thrilled!


Marley has had her puppy bumper since 2015. I don’t remember where I heard about them but she used it in a previous home until we patched up the fence. We moved this year and after we found her roaming the neighborhood on Easter Sunday we broke out the puppy bumper again. (Even though she is no longer a puppy!) Recently she got sprayed by a skunk and I have washed the puppy bumper several times but still cant get the smell out. It must have been a direct hit because her head also has a lingering odor after at least 3 washes.  So I am ordering 2 more puppy bumpers! Here is Marley in her puppy bumper. I think she even enjoys using it as a pillow because I’ve often caught her napping on it. Thanks for a great product. Kerry
Vic – Sent a Nice note: “Watched my pup try to escape (again), and the puppy bumper kept him safe! need to wait until my other pup is bigger but definitely buying a second one!”


Chris – Sent a Picture of his Pup Sara – ” We are happy to report that the Puppy Bumper® is 100% effective in keeping our Sara, , within the safety of our fenced in backyard.”

Fay Writes:

Fay Writes: Great product. My dog now has her freedom back, running around our fenced property. Gives us peace of mind knowing that she is deterred from escaping to chase the deer. Quick shipment! Fay didnt send a piture but she purchased the Black Cherry Bumper


Jeannine sent us a cute picture of your pup Lilly “wearing her fence pillow” as she calls it!  So glad we could help keep Lilly safe!

Cambrias Pup

Cambria Writes:  “We are thrilled with this bumper for our little 5 pound Chihuahua. It works great and he doesn’t mind it at all! He has about a 9-9.5″ neck so I wasn’t sure if I should get the up to 10 or the 10-13″ but the up to 10″ seems to be working great. He hasn’t tried to get through our fence yet, but it is clear it will keep him on our side. The quality is excellent and we love the colors. Thanks so much!”

Julies Cockapoo!

Julie Writes: The Puppy Bumper is great! My cockapoo kept escaping our yard through our iron fence every time she saw a dog walk by. This has taken so much stress off my shoulders as I no longer have to have her on a leash and she can enjoy Playing in the backyard with the kids!

Amandas’ New Pup

Amanda sent us a nice note: “So cute and looks like it works perfectly! He’s loving the freedom to run around safely.”


Dianne Writes:  “We really love your puppy bumpers because they work beautifully! This will be Roxie’s 4th one.  Poor girl hates it when we put it on her even after 5 YEARS but they work!”  


Wendy needed an Extra Snap added for Vince.. As you can see the Bumper fits him well.


Carol Kervitsky  – This is my newly rescued dog Archie. He is small and skinny enough to get through some parts of my chain link fence, so he really needed this bumper


Stephanie is very happy with her pups Puppy Bumper® – As you can see, he has no issues even wearing it in the house.


Ozzy’s Mom Louise had an issue where our Up to 10″ bumper needed one extra snap to ensure it was secure on Ozzy, we were glad to help. We added an extra snap, and he is safe behind the fence!



Works great for my little escape artist! Doesn’t slow him down at all when he plays – still runs at speed of light! Will definitely be purchasing another in the future!
Keeps him from getting through the fence and he doesn’t seem like he even knows he is wearing it. Perfect!


This is my second puppy bumper and we love them! I will continue to order more. It has been the only product that I have found that works to keep my tiny chihuahua inside our iron fence! Thanks for keeping our little Kiki safe!
We love our boppy! Keeps Wynnie safe inside the fence and she’s not encumbered at all running around having fun!
Life saver! Works great, no more getting through the fence! We can now relax on the patio while she explores the yard. I thought she would scratch at it and try to get it off but she hasn’t touched it. She won’t even tolerate the bandana the groomer puts on her but she hasn’t messed with this at all. She acts like she doesn’t even know she is wearing it. We call it “her donut” so the print is perfect.

C. Jackson Doucette

So, after our pup escaped for the quadrillionth time from our fenced back yard, my husband said, “Is there something with shoulder pads so he cannot get out?”  So I googled it and it showed Puppy Bumpers on Amazon and I decided to look at the company itself which led me to your site.  Attached please find C. Jackson Doucette, AKA The. Cutest, Dog, Ever.  AKA Escape Artist Extraordinaire (formerly known as…).  He is not that happy about it but we are thrilled.   Thanks – Beth


Good afternoon Steve! We absolutely love the puppy bumper!  It works great!! We recently received our 1 year old dachshund/terrier mix as an emotional support dog for me. I suffered a tragic cancer diagnosis and surgery last October that left me with the inability to ever go back to my career (VP of Finance).  The surgery also left me with permanent acute pain that I am having to learn to deal with.  All of this was emotionally devastating.  I had never understood how people could be so attached to a pet….I never had time for pets and they were a pain to have to deal with whenever we wanted to go on a vacation.  So, since there would be no more vacations for me, I thought about it for a long time and decided I might could love a dog.  The dog needed to be very small so as not to cause pain when sitting in my lap.  Even with the pandemic in full swing, we were blessed with Miss Snickers and I instantly fell in love with her!  Then, when my husband took her out in the yard to roam and go potty, he quickly figured out that she could run right through our wrought iron fencing that surrounds our property.  After looking at solutions like netting or chicken wire, etc. I was completely bummed because I wanted to keep Miss Snickers more than anything.  However, to have to install any of those type solutions would have taken away from the beauty of the fencing and was going to be quite expensive.  Then, my husband happened upon your website while doing additional web site searches for solutions to our problem.  We couldn’t be happier and your product works perfectly!!  Miss Snickers doesn’t even mind having it on and is so smart that she knows to jump up in the chair by the door so my husband can easily put her bumper on and take it off without having to bend over. Thank you for this wonderful product!!! Erin Countryman Wichita, KS

Penelope Wrote:

I purchased two to keep our Houdini cats from escaping our back deck when we are grilling. Though they aren’t too happy with me now I can tell that this is the most freeing and comfortable alternative.
Leah Writes: Without this my dog would be through the fence and take off. There are so attractive and comfortable for her to wear all day, love them!


Darcii LOVED her new Puppy Bumper! She is a larger Maltipoo (18lbs!) and was still able to squeeze through my parents fence. I decided to try this out for when I had to bring her home for Christmas this year and she didn’t even notice it was on! She played with other dogs like normal and wasn’t able to get through the fence! Best purchase ever and would totally recommend to others!
he loves it! we just moved and the new place has some holes and gaps in the fence so I had to take him out to run on a leash and I felt bad he couldnt run around the big yard. so now he can run around freely without my having to worry he’ll sneak out. Thank you!!
This worked out perfect! I bought it cuz my dog licks a lot and when he sleeps with us it is annoying. I was using a plastic cone but it was cumbersome and stiff. This worked out wonderful. Easy on his neck and no licking! Great product, perfect size.


here is Maggie in her new Honey Bee Puppy Bumper


Carol Dillion Sent in a great picture of her dog Bruce: “Here’s our dog Bruce with his puppy bumper!” So glad we are able to help keep Bruce safe. Looks like a cutie!


Judy Writes: ”  The photo is of Mazel (Tov) in her new puppy bumper which contains her within the fence.  She’s a mini-Goldendoodle and is four months.  It works!!”


Deborah Writes:  Zoee with her favorite (she has 5) Puppy Bumper.    Deborah and her husband Al, are retired, they do a lot of Traveling, the Puppy Bumper has helped them with all kinds of situations. 


Ruby’s Mom loves her in this Puppy Bumper.  As you can see its keeping her safe on the Balcony  


We made a special Bumper for Teddy –  Sylvia, his mom, wrote us this nice note: “Thank you so very much, The Puppy Bumper has been a Life-Saver! “

Great fix for our puppy

BuckeyeDude Writes:

Great fix for our puppy who was able to get through our fence slats. She loves the Bumper and doesn’t get out of the yard. Win win.


Kim Merryman Writes: This is my Chyna~Yvette.  She was getting out of our back yard (which is fenced) and running around our neighborhood.  I was so stressed with worry every time she got out of fence that she would be lost, stolen, or hit by a car.  I searched on internet for ways to secure our backyard fence for our dog, and Puppy Bumper came up.  That was 6 years ago, and she has not escaped once since the day I received my Puppy Bumper for her in the mail.  Thank you so much Puppy Bumper, truly a life saver! I will attach a picture of my sweet Chyna~Yvette in one of her stylish bumpers!


This is my second puppy bumper and we love them! I will continue to order more. It has been the only product that I have found that works to keep my tiny chihuahua inside our iron fence! Thanks for keeping our little Kiki safe!

Miss Carmen

Carmen’s Parents write: Thank you Steve… Carmen LOVES her new puppy bumper!  Best wishes to you for a very Merry Christmas and New Year! We made Carmen a special thick bumper to help with some special circumstances. We are so glad the Bumper works and its comfortable for miss carmen.


We love puppy bumpers!! It works great, I just purchased a new fancy outdoor fence that goes around our pool area. Bella was going under the fence and getting out, thanks to our puppy bumper I don’t have to worry anymore!! You guys rock this invention


Lymari writes “Koby, our dachshund, loves the backyard. The puppy bumper is great, keeps him from sneaking thru the fence, and getting in trouble out loose in the neighborhood!!!” So cute in our Jolly Roger Puppy Bumper.

Kaitlyn’s aussiedoodle

Our aussiedoodle loves her bumper too!


My 7 month old toy poodle was slipping through the fence so I looked for something to prevent him from doing this even though I had put up a barrier. The puppy bumper works great! He can’t fit his head through the fence when he’s wearing it. I would recommend using it with a collar in case your pup tries to wiggle out of it.

Keeps my little guy safe

I live in a rural area with coyotes and bobcats lurking about. Our yard is fenced, but our smallest dog is an escape artist, and the consequences of him getting out extend beyond a chase down the street. I have two puppy bumpers for him – purchased the largest size available (even though he’s little) and they keep him safely on our property. My big black lab did grab one once and tore the cover, but under normal use, they’ve held up over a year.


Bean He is 3.5 pounds only . . These bumpers keep my puppies safe! Truly appreciate you guys!! We made a special order glow for bean – Turned out perfect.

Cynthia’s happy Pup

Without this little Puppy Bumper, my dog can’t go outside without a leash. We have a picket fence and she easily fits in-between the slats. In rainy or inclement weather, we don’t want to be out there holding a leash while she smells everything in the yard! Not to mention the fact that she wants to go in and out the door 100 times a day, it seems. This has made her so much happier and given her the freedom to chase squirrels, romp and play, or just lay in the sun if she feels like it. It’s been a win-win all the way around. The bumper fits her well, doesn’t bother her at all and is super easy to put on and take off. We have two so we can rotate through them and make sure they stay washed and dry. It goes through the washer and dryer without any issues whatsoever. It’s well made, super lightweight, sturdy, and hasn’t become thread bare or pulled apart at any seam and we’ve had one of them for a couple years. These are a must-have in our household!

Rio’s Frodo Pup

I have had the Puppy Bumper for three days and I only wish that I had discovered it when I first got my darling little dog. What a fabulous invention! Frodo is the cutest, sweetest little pooch anyone could ask for. She is so loving, wants to be held all of the time (which is easy cause she is so cute), but she has a major flaw – she’s a digger. I have a 6’ privacy fence which encloses a half acre of landscaped yard, and I had it erected to keep all of my dogs safe. I can run with all three of them, throw the ball, and play for hours. It is 6’ high primarily to keep my big dog in. Or so I thought. Who could have foreseen that the little sweetie, Frodo, would dig her way out on a daily basis? Every single day, when I would go back into the house after play time, she would find a spot under the fence to burrow her way out. I’d catch her in the front yard constantly, and my greatest fear was that she could run into the street and get hit by a car. Finally, I put an anchor on her in the form of two 8” pieces of wood nailed together in an X, attached to her collar on a short chain. It was attached so that when I wasn’t outside with them, she could be safe. The anchor was cumbersome, heavy and it made both of us miserable. It worked for about a day, and last week, I heard her barking in the front yard. Opened the door, and she happily ran up to me, dragging her anchor behind her. After that, I would let her out to do her business, watching her the whole time, take it off and run with them for a while, then I’d bring her back in. She would curl up in the living room and give me the stink eye because she wanted to be outside. Then, I found the Puppy Bumper. Hallelujah! It’s lightweight, she can drink and eat with no problem, and she cannot escape the yard! It’s just large enough that she can’t dig a hole big enough to allow her to get out. She can run with us, jump and play with no problem, and I am now an ecstatic fur mama who has a very happy fur baby. Thank you so much for saving both of us!

Lori’s Pup

Sergeant Brisket Buttons: Pomeranian Commander of the Bean Brigade

My Puppy Bumpers came in the mail Wednesday. This is to help keep me from squeezing through the gate at Oregon Tails Pet Salon.


Penny Sent us a Picture of your handsome Dog Scout – Sporting is Rainbow Paws Bumper


Penny also has a another cutie – PETE! He has the White with Black Paws

Rachels Pup

This stopped our pup from running away from home! She is very proud of her puppy collar and the our other dog is jealous of it.


I was just about to spend $1500 on invisible fence and gave this product a try. I cannot say enough about it. It is so worth it. I have a 15 pound rescue that managed to squeeze through our gaps in our fence prior to puppy bumper. We even tried chicken wire but, she chewed right through it.This bumper is light and fits her collar perfect. My Blanche Doesn’t mind it at all and it’s durable too – I washed and dried it several times and still looks new. They say a picture says a thousand words … check it out … no more Houdini acts for the pupster ;.)

Georgia’s Pup

We made a special order for Georgia. She needed a 13″ Neck with added 1″ in Width front and back.. makes it super wide *** Thanks Steve! We will never be able to escape and chase the cats or potty in our grumpy next door neighbor’s back yard.


Sid may not be a puppy and may technically not be using her Puppy Bumper to keep her in our yard, but I can 100% say this product has saved my sanity. She had two tumors removed from her belly last week, and as her fashionable sister, I knew she needed to look cute but also be able to get around the house better than with the “cone of shame.” I wish I would have ordered her a Puppy Bumper for her previous surgeries. She hasn’t been able to lick at her belly incisions, and the best part of all is she can still get around the house (up the stairs and on the furniture) like usual. No getting cone stuck for this little girl! She also gets to have an extra pillow when she is wearing it, which in my opinion seems like a pretty awesome perk. Now if only it could stop her circus contortionist scratching abilities:) Thank you so much for making the Puppy Bumper and for making it here in the US! Love Sid and her sister Holly


Mary Jo  was so happy to share with us.. It works!!!!! Thank you so much!!! She’s not an escape artist anymore! (We made a special Bumper, adding an 1″ on the outer edge, to make the bumper ” Extra Fat” to help with some larger openings).


I just rescued a two year old Yorkie mix girl. She ran right through my wrought iron fence. This Puppy Bumper solved the problem and saved me tons of money! I was going to have to hire a handyman to install plastic fencing the entire perimeter of my backyard. This is genius!!! Stan (and Chloe)

No More Fence Escapes

No More Fence Escapes – Got this for our 7 lb. pup because she was able to slip between the posts in our wood fence & escape. It has been a life-saver & makes letting her out much more convenient & safe.


I have an enclosed fence and a Cabochon fur-baby.  That seemed to be a perfect place to let Kenzie romp and play; until I saw her romping on the WRONG side of the fence!  Yes, she’d squeezed through the slats of the picket fence.  That was when I decided to buy a puppy bumper; one of the best purchases I’ve made.  She’s safe, I can let her out for short periods without worrying where she will be when I call her, AND she’s cute as a button!  I love all the choices and themes for the puppy bumpers.  I just ordered the red-dotted,  water-resistant one for the early morning, dew-dripped grass.   Thanks for a great product!   Deborah


No More Escaping!  My Cavapoo puppy, Addie, would escape through our black iron Long Fence. I was hoping she’d fill out, but believe she’ll be small. This puppy number is super cute, fits her perfectly, and it doesn’t bother her while she wears it! She can still play with her big brother in the yard as if she wasn’t even wearing it. THANK YOU!


Roxy is a 5lb toy and she had discovered how to escape the fence in the back yard. I could not figure out where she was getting out so I had to leash her whenever she was out. I hated taking away the only place she could run and explore. This product worked perfect for her needs. I don’t even need to attach it to her collar, I just slip it over her head and away she goes. She is able to pull it off but only does so if she’s let back in the house and it isn’t removed. If I took the time to loop it through her collar as intended I’m sure it would stay on. It is just enough bulk to keep her in the fence without hindering her movements.

My Little Self

What Fence – Mom didn’t want to have to replace 2 acres of field fence to keep me home. My little self could walk right through it like it wasn’t there. I didn’t even realize it was there. With my new bumper mom no longer has to keep an eye on me. I can explore all day and she can be at ease that i haven’t gone visiting the neighbors again. We love it.


Works well and seems comfy- I was skeptical about this bumper. I was pretty sure our active little puppy would tear it up. She has not and she even sits still for me to put it on her. And, it works. No more squeezing through the fence!

Seamus — The Cat!

I love my Puppy Bumper because it fits my cat, Seamus (Shay). And he’s happy! Thank you for making such a great product!!! Sincerely, Russell Weisenbacher

Nikki’s Pups

Never thought I’d really need these but boy did they come in handy at the beach! Didn’t have to worry about my babies at all!

15lb Dog is Safe


When I first saw this item I had my doubts but I was willing to try anything to keep my 15 lb. dog inside a backyard black wrought iron fence with rails spaced far enough apart for him to squeeze through and escape the backyard. It worked! This puppy bumper fence blocker is soft and comfortable for my dog to wear and it does not prohibit him from urinating/defecating. He is able to run around and lounge on the grass soaking up the sun comfortably. Admittedly it was amusing to watch him try the first few times to squeeze in between the fence rails and he could not do it. I love not having to put a leash on him to walk around the backyard. My dog likes the freedom of enjoying his backyard. I highly recommend this item to purchase.

Small Chihuahua

No more escapes!

By Chloe on Jun 12, 2019

I have a small chihuahua/min pin mix that was able to squeeze under the fence gate and run the neighborhood. I was worried she would get hit, or run too far to find her way back home. This little device works great! She can no longer get under the fence and is safe in the back yard. You can secure this to a collar, or just snap it on temporarily while they go outside. This really gives me peace of mind when she is outside.


Our newest Scottie rescue got the “hand-me-down” puppy bumper.  We have had to use “duct tape” to keep it together.  The picture is priceless! He knows that before he can go outside he MUST have this on (he is only 5 months old and we have a wrought iron fence).  He rough houses with his 2 older sibling rescue Scotties and it is well worn! Thank you Nancy, I agree, you do need a new bumper, but I am so glad our Puppy Bumper has helped to keep all 3 of your Scotties Safe!


Geronimo in his bumper. Gives me peace of mind when he is outside. He is a Houdini


My Min Pin Izzy doesn’t care for it as you can see in the picture, but I sure do.  She WAS a little Houdini, but No worries now!! Machelle

Little 3 lb Pup – All Safe

This has worked great for our almost 3lb pup who was able to squeeze through a small gap under our fencing. Rather than make costly modifications to our fencing, or keep her on leash when in the yard she can now, run, jump, play and explore while I have peace of mind. Thank you puppy bumpers!


Now Bailey can go potty by himself outside without sneaking through the fence into the neighbor’s yard. Thank you!!

Gidget & Chuckie

Gidget and Chuckie are staying safely inside the fence because of their Puppy Bumper stuffed collars! They make them too fat to fit between the rails. It’s that simple!


My dog Jack has worn your bumper for years now! The snap is coming off the fabric; so it’s time to buy a new bumper! Wonderful peace of mind! Thank you! Facebook… https://www.facebook.com/helpusfindjackthedog/ Lisa O’Connell


It’s official, Burt’s Puppy Bumper collection is complete: waterproof; reflective; pirate; muddy paws; comic book hero; skulls and roses; tutti-fruity/gay pride/cherries……well, he has all the bases covered. He is set for life! So glad we could help keep Burt safe and stylish!  Love the Rustic Holder you made! Good Job  Deb!!

Beckys Little Guys Bean, Alexi and Peanut

Could not live without your bumpers !!!!!!! Have 3 little guys that wear them !!!


The Puppy Bumper is the best! Happy can run around the fenced yard and we don’t worry about him escaping. He loves the freedom and we love that our little escape artist is safe. Thank you Puppy Bumper!


Thank you for making the puppy bumper! Our little Kaci is small enough to squeeze through the fence in Our backyard, so this works perfectly! Love it!!!


Ladino being the oldest of the doggy brothers has set the hierarchy very clear to his younger brother, Zeus. Ladino when restraint or crossed wrong will always make sure to vocalize his disapproval. Other times, he just really enjoys listening to the sound of his bark. And his favorite thing to do is running after his much bigger younger brother Zeus. If you are wondering what is that cute pillow around Ladino’s next it’s a Puppy Bumper from @puppybumpersofficial I got  to keep him safe inside the gates of the park he would fit in between without it and run outside towards danger. Now is a thing of the pass and he doesn’t even feel it or gets in his way or normal routine. Plus it makes a fashion statement


This is Watson. Staying safe with his puppy bumper. So thankful for this product he was always escaping under our fence cause he’s so tiny. Now he can be outside all safe and sound ”- Barb Thanks Barb for sharing Watson and his story! We love to hear about your safe pup!
I love these puppy bumpers! We have a yorkie-poo that can fit between the slats in our fence, this items is perfect to keep him from escaping thru the fence. We have 2 of these and love them!!!

Happy Pup

“I agree Puppy Bumpers are a life saver”- Sherri We think so too Sherri! Thanks for sharing this picture of your precious pup!


“Oscar! Can’t get out of the fence anymore” Thank you for sharing Renate! We love to see these adorable photos!  Puppy Bumpers® keeps your dog safe from escaping through fences and gates!

No Longer chasing Emmet all over town!

I just want you to know that we can’t live without these!  Without Puppy Bumpers, we’d be chasing our dog, Emmet, all over town.  They are also a great conversation starter:). Thanks for making a great product! Sincerely, Janet Trotter

Joe Diffe’s Dog

Check out this cutie!! Thanks for sharing @officialjoediffie. Now the dog count get out of the fence. We love seeing out Puppy Bumpers® customers happy and safe!


Poppy got a new Puppy Bumper


“Works like a charm- you saved us”- Beans is a super active, 12 yr old puppy! Kept safe by his Puppy Bumpers®!


My Puppy Bumper is a life Saver! Angelo is rocking his Puppy Bumpers®️! Looking rough and tough while staying safe and sound! Thank you @angelothechihuahua for sharing your adorable pup!


Guess who can’t get through the fence anymore!! Thank you Puppy Bumpers!


This is Dena, She is a 6 pound terrier mix. We rescued her from Great Plains SPCA in Kansas City. She likes to run out of the fence in the corner of our yard just because she thinks it’s fun!  Puppy Bumper is our perfect solution to her addiction! Now she can all she wants without her mamma worrying about losing her:)


Puppy Bumpers won’t keep Abbey from falling off the bed but she’ll be safe on the balcony or in the back yard!


 The Puppy Bumper is safe, and I can leave him in the yard to play without worrying about his well-being. Thank you for such an amazing product! I will be purchasing more!
This is a great product! Literally a life saver.


Parker’s Puppy Bumper arrived in the mail today. Didn’t slow him down a bit and now he can play in the yard without us hovering!


Pretty little Minnie is ready to celebrate Christmas at home because her Holiday Puppy Bumper stuffed collar is making her too fat to fit between fence or balcony rails! Made in the USA


Tiggr is our mini and would escape even while we watched him! We finally got him a Puppy bumper and he’s never escaped again!

Madigan and Mulligan

Thank you Puppy Bumpers – Madigan and Mulligan are happy to be free to be on the front porch and know they look very adorable as well!


Quasi loves getting his freedom back thanks to puppy bumpers


Hi there !   It works really well !! She’s a much happier dog now that we can let her play in the backyard again


  My four-month old Lewis wore his Puppy Bumper for the first time today. He began a habit of sliding through my fence and continuing through a series of neighbors’ fences. Thank you for creating this little lifesaver.  


The puppy bumper saved us and our new beagle puppy. She is so small that she is be able to run thru our fence. It made it very stressful to be in our backyard knowing she could easily escape but now can play with ease of mind .

Awesome Invention!

“Thank you Puppy Bumpers! For keeping my little guy safely in our back yard and out of the neighbors’ back yards. Awesome invention!”


Puppy bumpers works great. Abby can’t go thru the fence. Easier than getting an electric fence.”


“MY Darlin’ Neo Meo Loving Her Puppy Bumper!” Meo is a 4 lb. Papillon (Phalene) & I thought this product would be PERFECT to keep her safe on my “railed” patio, this Summer.


“My dog’s name is Haven! She is an 8 lb. chihuahua/terrier mix. Your product has made it possible and easy to let her outside into our fence without having her on a leash!

Lookin’ Great!

“Thank you so much for our new Puppy Bumpers! My dogs look great and will now stay within the fence.”

Telling my friends!

“We got the puppy bumpers today and it was the perfect solution! They are very nicely made and just comfortable enough. I was using an e-collar (“Cone of Shame”) and hated to block our dog’s vision. He couldn’t get through the fence with the puppy bumper .


Hi, my name is Piper and I’m a 17 weeks old English Springer Spaniel. When I grow up I’ll be too big to get through the wrought iron fence in my back yard, but right now I’m a skinny little thing. Thank you, Puppy Bumpers, for giving me back my freedom!


Vince is adorable and safe in his Puppy Bumper stuffed safety collar to keep him from getting out of the fence!

Cooper in his Glow Pup High Visibility Puppy Bumper!

“We just received our glo puppy bumper and Cooper had to try it out. This isn’t the best picture but I wanted to post to show how cute he looks and he doesn’t seem to mind wearing it.” Puppy Bumpers keep dogs from getting out of fences – and now they come in reflective material for high visibility!

Rush in Black Dot Water Resistant Puppy Bumper

it doesn’t bother him at all. He’s not the type to hold still while I put it on him, but once it’s snapped up and he’s free, he’s off and running. I don’t know him well enough yet to know if he’s a digger, but with the bumper we aren’t going to find out the hard way. He can run, sleep, eat and play with the bumper not giving him a second thought…once we get it on the little wiggler

Bella and Mini

Bella and Mini can’t get through their fence wearing Puppy Bumper stuffed collars!

Rescue Pups!

My resident doxie with 3 out of 10 foster pups I’m currently caring for!

Ty the Honey Badger

Ty, the puppy Honey Badger, happy to receive his puppy bumper so he can romp freely in the yard.


Hazel loves hers!

They Work!

They Work!

Timmy the Italian Greyhound

Thank you so much for a great product! My rescue Italian Greyhound, Timmy, has never been able to go out in our fenced yard loose, because he’s so skinny, and we just knew he would get through the wrought iron fence. Then I came across Puppy Bumpers, and I am so glad I did! Now he’s able to run around in his yard, without us fearing he will find a way to squeeze out. He’s so excited and happy to be able to run around off leash for the first time. Thank you, Puppy Bumpers! I will be telling everyone I know about your product.


Sophie with her new Puppy Bumper. Sophie was a rescue dog who lived on the streets. She was very adept at escaping our yard. Through a hole in the fence, under the fence and through the fence.

Yorkies and Squirrels

Puppy Bumpers stuffed collars keep Yorkies (and squirrels) safe!


This was a GENIUS invention!!! This is a pic of Dixie on the day her first bumper arrived. I wish they didn’t have to grow so quickly.


After losing our Fancypants and being fortunate enough to find her after 2 days and miles away across busy 4 lanes …we found Puppy Bumpers…..We have a 6 foot metal fence but she could wriggle right through it….. Now we can let her run and bark and play knowing she is safe from escape….Thank you so much!

Petey on the balcony!

Petey is safe on the balcony because he’s wearing his comfy, light Puppy Bumper stuffed collar.

Gabe and the GIANT Puppy Bumper

Gabe had surgery on his nose and the cone was irritating his chin. A friend asked for a custom “Boo Boo Bumper” for this big guy. Report is “Thanks so much! The plastic collar caused a sore on his chin and it stressed him so much he developed a rash all over his body. He was miserable. He doesn’t mind the Puppy Bumper and they were so surprised and grateful. Thanks for everything!

Gabe’s brother Cooper

This is Gabe’s brother Cooper in his Regular Puppy Bumper that he wears to keep him from getting out of the fence!


Snowball is showing off in a Glow Pups Hunters Orange Puppy Bumper! His mom says, “Snowball loves his puppy bumper! Keeps him in the yard & does not care if it stays on for car rides either.”

Rico, Molly and Lucy

Our dogs Rico, Lucy, and Molly love their Puppy Bumpers!! Now they can play in our front yard without me worrying about them running out through the fence!! #ricosuave #lucyloca #mollysmallz

They’re not stuck!

They’re not stuck, they’re safe!

Sheltie Mix

Our sheltie mix weighs about 15lbs. We installed a black aluminum fence and her first time out, she ran right through it! We panicked! We then ordered your puppy bumper. It is a PERFECT solution!  She loves it and wears it most of the day.


Jack ran away on August 14, 2013. Thanks to the incredible talent and perserverence of Lynn and her tracking dog Mabel; Jack returned to the “scene of the crime,” was successfully trapped, and was once again home, safe and sound…after 33 days! I would like to thank Puppy Bumpers, which I just discovered. For the first time in over two years…Jack (Looks like he’s wearing a life preserver around his neck!) can no longer squeeze through our fence; and is free to survey, smell, run, play, sunbathe, and guard HIS backyard!


Missy is safe!  She can’t escape from Picket Fences, Wrought Iron Fences or dog gates!

Sweetie Face Houdini!

Yay! No more escaping through the fence. ‪#‎puppybumper‬‪#‎puppybumpers‬ ‪#‎maltese‬ ‪#‎puppylove‬ ‪#‎puppy‬

Diggers beware and behave!

SOMEone has been trying to dig under the fence today… Thank goodness for his puppy bumper!!!


Whisky in his new bumper  :>




Here is my little Pumpkin with her brand new Puppy Bumper. She gets out of very small holes so we are hoping that this will keep her from escaping!


This is our baby, Mia…the “escape artist”…stays safe in the yard thanks to her Puppy Bumper! Thank you, Ann!!!


My Luke with his puppy bumper.

Jerry MinPin

For days Jerry Minpin has been looking down this drainpipe


Max in his bumper so he can’t escape thru my sons fence!


Bella and her new Puppy Bumper to make sure she doesn’t slip through the fence.

Pretty pair of Houdini Pups!

We love our new puppy bumpers!

A perfect fit!

Got our bumper today! This one is a perfect fit!



A sunny Sunday and Remy’s enjoying the warmth… while I’m confident that he won’t stick his head through the railing with his new Puppy Bumper. He doesn’t even mind it being on and gets happy when I pick it up. It means we’re going out on the deck. LOL


Our little Lola has had a puppy bumper since she was a baby. she loves it and loves the freedom she has to run around our picket fenced-in yard because of it! She uses it as a pillow at nap time in the sun! Thank you Puppy Bumpers!

Remy in his stuffed collar – Puppy Bumper

A sunny Sunday and Remy’s enjoying the warmth… while I’m confident that he won’t stick his head through the railing with his new Puppy Bumper. He doesn’t even mind it being on and gets happy when I pick it up. It means we’re going out on the deck. LOL

Summer Dog Safety

Keep your dogs safe by preventing them from getting loose.  Puppy Bumpers prevent your dogs from sneaking through a fence or gate.  They are made of 100% cotton and have Polyester Fiberfill stuffing.  They have ribbon loops that attach to your dog’s collar so that the bumper can’t sneak over their head.  They are even machine washable.  Now you never have to worry about your doggie sneaking out!

Best Investment Ever!

Short story- please read… I have used these for more than three years since acquiring our toy schnauzer and they are THE best investment EVER. Did not have to change fencing (thousands of dollars) and have used on 3 different dogs including year ago when I discovered my 7 week old German Shepherd pup could slip through fence too (that did not last of course)Now my daughter periodically brings HER micro mini German Shepherd looking dog for visit and HE wears it in yard. Here are pics of all three using this wonderful invention !! Top is Sophie the schnauzer, bottom left is Nova the German Shep (now 55lbs and LONG past puppy bumper stage) and lastly, daughter’s micro mini GSD lookalike, Ranger…thanks Puppy Bumpers!!!!

Fred the Skinny Beagle!

Fred the Escape Artist Beagle finally is contained on the property with his camo Puppy Bumper!!!

Brownie is so comfortable with Puppy Bumpers!

Brownie is so comfortable with Puppy Bumpers!

Perky Pekingese!

I am sending this as a testimonial. My Pekingese is 7 1/2 years old and because he could easily fit through our fence, I had to use an electric collar in the front yard to let him out. Your Puppy Bumpers have rocked his world. He can now join his big brother out in the back yard. He has tried and tried over the last 3 weeks to get out to no avail. Thank you Puppy Bumpers for simplifying our life!

Fozzy Pom!

This happy pup stays safely inside the fence in every season!


“I have now ordered my second puppy bumper for Rusty. He is growing so fast, he is now in need of the large size. This will last him his whole life as he will be about 20 lbs full grown. Here is a new pic if him enjoying his bumpie as we call it” Keep your dog as safe and happy as Rusty with a Puppy Bumper stuffed collar to make your dog too fat to get out of the fence!

Deja Vu

Deja vu the Frenchie sporting her Puppy Bumper!

Even for custom fences at the lake!

“Puppy bumpers give us tremendous peace of mind at our lake house where we don’t need to worry about our dogs’ safety!”

Happy to have this product!

“Just received my Puppy Bumper and it fits perfectly! Not too tight but enough to stay in place, my puppy likes to squeeze through the gate, the fence and anywhere else he can fit to go explore! So Happy to have this product to keep him safe in the yard! Also love all the different print options too! Thank you!”


“Teddy in his tiny Puppy Bumper to keep him from getting out of the fence!”

Safe within the yard!

“We love our puppy bumper!!!!! It’s even washes off well. Ordering another one for our smaller puppy!”


“We are in a gated community and the fence was already there. The other morning a lady with her dog ran by and Odie chased after them as if we had no fence. My husband went after Odie and I stayed inside the fence where Odie walked back thru. What a surprise!! This was quite the scare at 5:30 in the morning. Puppy Bumpers has really saved the day. This is a perfect solution for our 3 year old Shih Tzu, he is not getting out.”

No more escaping!

As you can tell from the photos….it worked!!!


“Hazel is relaxing on the front porch in her Puppy Bumper collar! She can no longer slip through the porch rails, and I can relax too! Thanks!”


“Thank you so much! Our puppy bumper arrived and Casey can no longer herd the 40 year old horses! We all thank you!!”


“Here is a pic of my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, Rusty. He is just 5 months old. I have a wrought iron fence and needed a solution. As I just found out, even grown Cavaliers can squeeze through these fences. I just started using yesterday. He can now go out by himself, and doesn’t mind the bumper at all. He loves his autonomy outside and I love the peace of mind that he’s safe. You have a great product and your sizes will fit him even in adulthood.”


“Libby’s Navy Dot Puppy Bumper is keeping her safe in the yard!”


“She likes to escape through the porch railing. This keeps her from squeezing through. Tilda loves her new Puppy Bumper! Thank you for the wonderful customer service!”

Keeping pups safe from fitting through railings.

“One of my sisters-in-law recently bought a vacation home on a lake near Bruce Mountain. The master bedroom in in a loft with railings and stairs that are 6 inches apart. Puppy Bumpers stuffed collars are keeping these pups safe by making them too fat to fit through the rails!”

Looking good!

“My dog in her new holiday Bumper. I wanted to share. Enjoy!”


“Hi, just wanted to let you know that my most recent bumper purchase fits Cody perfectly! I could put it on him and not feel guilty that it was too tight on his neck, but also not worry about it slipping off while I was gone from the yard. Thank you so much for providing a custom fit for us!”

Maggie Mae

“Maggie Mae loves her puppy bumper and the freedom it gives her to play in the yard with her sister Elle.”


“Elle in her Buggy Bumper!”

Thanks for such a great product.

“Wanted to let you know that I am so happy we found your puppy bumpers. Our boys both wear them and we don’t have to worry about them getting thru the fence. We tell them let’s put your bump bumps on and the go to the door sit and wait for us to put them on before going out. Thanks for such a great product.”


“The puppy bumper was perfect, she definitely needed the 7-10″ one and again it was a perfect fit. I’ve been having an issue with my dog getting out because of the rod iron fence and someone suggested getting her a life jacket so she couldn’t get out – these are much better than a life jacket and much easier as well. Keep up the god work! Thanks.”


“Our dog Sammy is lovin it. Thanks for the great idea.”


“Your product has not only brought us peace of mind but also saved us thousands, as we would have had to reinforce all our fences and on 5 acres that would have been costly. Indiana our Jug, Jack Russel x Pug, now cannot escape into the neighbors property and potentially get hurt by their horses or worse still get out the front of our property onto the 100km road. I will certainly be recommending your Puppy Bumper to others and we will order a larger one once he grows out of this one.”


“Our adventurous Annie has met her match! Even after we added the chicken wire to the picket fence we found she could still squeeze through the gate gaps. Now she is content to romp safely in the yard with her less adventurous Pom pals. We may be ordering a couple more as Annie’s siblings seem to be quite jealous of her new look- and who could blame them? Thanks, Puppy Bumpers!”

Sophie and Sarah

“I am sending you pictures of my two dachshunds who are so happy to run around and not be able escape! I live on 11 acres which is fenced with field fencing….this is great for my sister’s GSD who cannot get threw, but the dachshunds have no problem getting between the wire. Needless to say they have been confined to a small back yard until I discovered Puppy Bumpers in a doggie catalog. They both run and play with no problem of the bumpers slowing them down… even my 12 yr. old is a “happy camper”. I actually tested the bumper with the dogs, by going outside the fenced area and calling them to come… neither one could push thru the fence with the bumper on.”


“Here is a picture our Moxie, our Cairn Terrier, wearing his Puppy Bumper. He got so used to it so quickly that we would leave it on him all day so we didn’t have to worry about whether he was wearing it or not when we let him out. I only wish I would have known about this when our older dog was a puppy – would have saved a lot of trips over and around the fence to catch her!”

She’s given up!

“We continue to be pleased with the product. I can think of no other doggie device that lives up its promise with so little trouble.”


“Doc in his Puppy Bumper!”


“Here is a photo of our precious Jake, who can no longer escape our yard! I am singing the praises of puppy bumpers!”


“My name is Tony and I love my new puppy bumper that my Dad bought for me. I’m so happy to be able to run around the yard instead of being on a leash. The only thing I don’t understand is why I can’t sneak through the fence anymore.”


“I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Rose that is about 14 pounds. She has been able to squeeze through my outside fence, and can be quite the little escape artist. I found your Puppy Bumpers and though that it would be a perfect solution to keep Rose in the backyard.”


“I love it!! He is not bothered by it at all. In fact-when I pick it up he runs to the back door to go outside.”


“The product works like a charm, and keeps my little escape artist from going under our fence.”

Connor and Piper

“Without the puppy bumpers they would not even be allowed in the backyard to play as they would go right through our fence.”


“I just wanted to tell you how much we love our puppy bumper!! This is Maxwell, our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and he loved sneaking out of our wrought iron fence UNTIL…we put on his puppy bumper!! This collar has given me such peace of mind. I can let Maxwell into our back yard with his “friends” as we call our other 3 dogs and know that he is not going to sneak out! We got the new “bumper”today and it fits great!! We are very pleased. He is the cutest and will have alot more freedom with his new bumper. Thanks!”

Thurston Howl IV

“This is Thurston Howl IV in his puppy Bumper. His is 12 pounds and liked to slip through the upstairs iron railing which scared me terribly. When I saw your advertisement for the puppy bumpers, I immediately ordered one. He took to it right away. I can now rest easy that he will not be talking a flying leap from the upstairs balcony. Thank you.”


“A few weeks ago, we adopted a 3-year old rat terrier from a rescue shelter. We didn’t realize how small Zoe was until we brought her home. She could go right through our wrought iron fence! I thought we would have to modify the fence somehow ($$$$). I googled “how to keep a small dog inside a wrought iron fence” and found puppy bumpers. It works great. Here is a picture of Zoe modeling her pink stripe puppy bumper. Thanks for the great product.”


“The Puppy Bumper works exactly as you said it should. Lola no longer escapes through our fence! Also, we thought it might bother her, or our other dogs might see it as a toy – no problem at all!”

Thanks again!

“The bumper works great, she doesn’t even seem to notice she has it on. Thanks again and good luck with your product.”

I’ve used them on half a dozen dogs now with no problem.

“I have to share this fantastic device I have recently discovered! For a long time I’ve been battling with the problem of clients who live on golf course communities and have small dogs who can slip right through the fence. No amount of training can guarantee they won’t get through if “push comes to shove”. Well now I have found the solution!! Puppy Bumpers! They are padded collars that fit around the neck and prevent dogs from getting through spaces. They come in a variety of colors & fabrics. I’ve used them on half a dozen dogs now with no problem. Just put it on and off they go. The dogs love it because they suddenly get total freedom in their yards instead of being on leash or dragging a long line everywhere!”


“Thanks so much! Lucy is now safe and sound and can’t get through the fence anymore. She tried, but was denied! She looks cute too!!”


“I LOVE the puppy bumper! Dazzle can no longer walk through the fence, so she can now be out in the yard much more often.”


“I received the Puppy Bumper yesterday and it’s perfect! At first, I thought it was going to be too big for him but it actually has worked out great. He’s gotten so used to wearing it that it doesn’t even phase him and it hasn’t stopped him from playing with our other dog and even sleeping with it on!”


“It is such a relief knowing that Rocky will not be roaming free and chasing everything in sight!”


“Our Jack Russell “Maya” with her new puppy bumper. Although somewhat innocent and very lovable, she’s also a clever and devious escape artist with the ability to squeeze through the narrowest of openings. She loves her bumper although it’s foiled many attempted escapes to date.”

They don’t mind them at all!

“I have two dachshunds and a porch 10 feet from the ground and they love to sit and look out but I worry that they could squeeze through the bars and the space at the bottom. I thought this sounded like a good idea. They don’t mind them at all and I’m much more relaxed with them sitting on the porch.”


“Here’s Jake, our adopted Yorkie-Poo in his puppy bumper. It works like charm. Love it!”

Tinkerbell and Frankie

“Here is a picture of my poodle Tinkerbell and yorkie Frankie wearing their puppy bumpers. They work great at keeping them safe and from slipping through the railings of our balcony!”


“Here is Trinket wearing the Puppy Bumper. Trinket is a Hurricane Katrina orphan we adopted after fostering for a year. He is excited about his Puppy Bumper, so excited I had a hard time getting even this blurry photo! I did a web search for solutions to dogs getting out of picket fences and your web page came up. I was glad to find your product because I faced the task of putting chicken wire on my fence, which I thought would be time-consuming and would not look good.”

Lord Finnley

“We love our Bumper. Lord Finnley wasnt a happy boy at first now he loves it. He kept getting out of our fence through the bars because he is so small. We googled how to keep dog inside fence. Thank you so much for helping to keep our baby safe and home.”


“My Pit Mix found a sweet little Chihuahua Terrier mix on our property. He is the sweetest thing. We tried and tried to find his family but…. So he became part of ours! But he is sooooo tiny 6lbs! He fits ANY where! So I did a Google search and fouund you! — This is Jack who is now very happy to run free and chase lizards. We love you bumpers!”


“My puppy, Roxie is a year old now but still fits through my fence. She is small for her breed (Tibetan Terrier). I am hopeful she will get big enough to not fit through. The bumper has been wonderful for us as she can run around unrestricted by the leash. Thank you for creating this great product.”


“Tater’s new puppy bumper, he has been wearing his big sisters so was so glad when this came today! It sure saves a lot of head ache to know they can play outside and not get out! We always get the tough one with herding dogs they are pretty rough. Thanks again Ann for such a great product.”


“Love, love the Puppy Bumper! Our Pomeranian mix, Bailey looks so cute wearing it too. We jokingly call it Bailey’s Bagel! It works great…no more running around the neighborhood chasing the dog. Highly recommend this product!”


“Thank-you! Rocco loves it!!!”

Madigan and Mulligan

“Thank you Puppy Bumpers – Madigan and Mulligan are happy to be free to be on the front porch and know they look very adorable as well!”

The Bumper is exactly what we have been looking for!

“We are still loving our bumpers! All we have to do is say “do you want to put your bumpers on”? All three yorkies get so excited because they get to run free in the front fenced yard at last! They took them right away. I tell everyone I know that has a small dog. The Bumper is exactly what we have been looking for!”


“Here are the pics of our boy sporting the new denim look. Woody is our 8 mo old labradoodle, and no more shall Leawood Police escort him home after an evening of mischief and mayhem. Thank you for removing our boy from a life of crime and punishment.”

They work great.

“I received the puppy bumpers yesterday, and immediately put them on and took this picture because I knew that they would be dirty soon enough. Thank goodness they are washable because these pups love to roll around in the dirt! They work great and the puppies didn’t seem to mind them at all. There was the expected amount of whining and trying to get through the fence, but they soon gave up and realized that their own yard IS as good as the neighbor’s. They also look super cute. What a great product!!!”


“Hi, here is a picture of Molly in her new Puppy Bumper. It is absolutely perfect and we can now relax knowing she is safe in our back yard. I am so glad we found your site! Thanks!!”


“I googled how do I keep my puppy from escaping our fence! The idea is genius!!!! They ate their last one so I had to get her a new one! Look how cute she is! Thank you for putting our minds at ease when Malloree goes outside! Cheers!”


“Our mini poodle (about 11 or 12 lbs) fit perfectly into the medium. Now she can run to her little heart’s content with my girls in the backyard. We have about 10 sections of 10 ft. of split iron fencing, and she was getting through to chase birds and rabbits. I think this was a better choice than putting chicken wire over it the fence.”


“I am so thankful for your Puppy Bumpers. We have a Westie puppy,named McDuff. He can fit through our fence posts. Because of the Puppy Bumper, McDuff can go outside without us worrying about him getting outside the fence and into the road. Thank You!”

We love, love, love them!

“We love, love, love them! Now we can let them in the backyard and not worry as much. Going to need some waterproof ones next for the pool! Thank you for some peace of mind!”


“We got this photo of Bailey this morning better showing how the bumper keeps her in the fence. She likes it sooo much better than the life jacket. We thought when she got older she would widen up, but she’s now just over a year old and still as skinny as ever. Thank you Puppy Bumper!!”


“Here’s Watson! Took him a week to get used to his Bumper but now when I reach for it he knows its potty and play time out in his backyard. It gets him excited! Can’t say enough about the Puppy Bumper and what a lifesaver it is. They sure hold up well considering how much it gets “abused” outside. In a few weeks we will be starting our new Brussels Griffon puppy on his first Bumper! Thanks for this ingenious item!”

Looking for this Dog Shaming Star – Pup who cannot dig out under the fence

We are trying to find the owner of this dog in his Puppy Bumper! It’s a terrific “Dog Shaming” pic that says, “I sneak under the fence so my mom make me wear this….” A great way to keep your dog from digging under the fence!


“This is great, he tried and tried but couldn’t get thru the fence. Thanks, works great, no more worries.”


“Works like a charm!”
“I got Flower’s Puppy Bumper as an alternative to an e-collar for her surgery on her girl parts. It has been wonderful! It works perfectly to keep her from getting to her incision – and now she doesn’t have to suffer the indignity of the cone of shame…”

Vino Valentino

“Here’s a photo of my dog, Vino Valentino, wearing the new Rainy Day Bumper you made for him. He loves his Bumper and knows he’s going to play in the backyard when we put it on. Thanks for making such a great product!”


“This is Baby wearing her Ultra Puppy Bumper. It is so perfect and she doesn’t mind it at all. It hasn’t slowed her down a bit! In fact, when I take it off the shelf to put it on her, she gets so excited because she knows she’s going to get to run through the woods till her heart’s desire and she can hardly wait for me to put it on her and open the door. It has truly solved my problem of her escaping through our ranch fencing here in Texas. Thank you so very much for such a wonderful product! And your personal attention and incredibly fast fulfillment of my order was appreciated more than you know!”


“We are happy to report that the Puppy Bumper is 100% effective in keeping our feisty Tibetian Terrier puppy, “Beauty”, within the safety of our fenced in backyard.”


“Amber in her Puppy Bumper! We take her to work with us everyday and this little thing allows us to close the gate in the parking lot and let her and her brother run around like crazy and have some fun!”

Baylee – This has got to be one the best inventions yet!

“Here’s Baylee in his puppy bumper! This has got to be one the best inventions yet—have you been to the Today Show? Maybe we should start a campaign on Facebook to get you on the show to market this magnificent solution to my biggest problem. Baylee is the typical adventurous puppy and soon discovered that he could get out of our wrought iron fence rather easily. The puppy bumper has absolutely solved my problem. He loves being outside and now I can relax and not be standing over him every second that he’s out!”

Bella and Eddie

“Bella and Eddie We love the bumper! Thank you so much– it really has made such a difference with Bella. There has been no more escaping (although she still is attempting to escape)”

Bella and Gotti

“Bella and Gotti love their bumpers. It also makes my life a lot easier.”

Daisy the Jack Russell Terrier

“Daisy the Jack Russell Terrier It works great! She doesn’t squeeze through the fence anymore and roam the streets.”


“We checked out numerous options; Adding new iron stakes between each fence post which would have been very expensive, installing an invisible fence within and even adding chicken wire around the perimeter of the fence (not only unsightly but probably not a hit with our homeowners association) I actually tried putting a canine surgical collar on her… besides the fact that she hated it, she STILL managed to get through the fence. I googled, “puppy escaping fence” and found your website. Initially I was a little skeptical if she would tolerate wearing this… but WOW, it is incredible..she does not mind it one bit…she gets excited when she sees the Puppy Bumper.. and if we do not take it off, she runs around the house and naps in it as if it’s nothing to her. She cannot escape the fence! We can let her baby girl out to play or potty without fear of her getting out and getting hurt and that piece of mind has been priceless!~ Simple and Brilliant!”

Layla loves her new stuffed collar to keep her from getting out of the fence

“Layla She loves to escape every chance she gets, so her Puppy Bumper has been a lifesaver. I LOVE it!”

Marley, the first dog to have a Puppy Bumper in Ireland!

“Marley is the first dog in Ireland to have a Puppy Bumper! Now dogs in Ireland will not be able to escape from their fences!”


“As you can see she is “sporting” her pink pb. and never made a fuss. yaaay! i have told EVERYONE about puppy bumpers! thanks so much and i hope your efforts are blessed in the biggest way. Hurray! Roxy can’t squeeze through the pickets!”

Sofia is a dog who is not getting out of the fence

“I just wanted to let you know, once again, how happy we are with the puppy bumpers for our Sofia. She is totally adjusted to them. We had a huge BBQ over the Memorial Day weekend and she was able to join all of us on the patio without a worry. She continues to enjoy being outside with us whenever we are out there. We have sited some alligators lately and are so grateful for her puppy bumpers. She has total freedom without our worrying about her safety.”

Zoey – a dog who was getting out through holes in the fence

“A few months ago Zoey my smaller Maltese (7.5 lbs) started getting out of our yard. We blocked all the spaces we could find and put chicken wire around the whole fence and checked it over and over and but still could not tell where she was getting out. We put up a run in the yard but that didn’t work because Zoey kept getting tangled up and we gave up on that. Short of fencing a small area within the yard I decided to try a puppy bumper and it worked like a charm. Zoey doesn’t mind wearing it and it keeps her in the yard – she just can’t seem to get through what holes she can find.”

No More escaping the fence for this pup!~

“Hello we love Puppy Bumpers. I found you about nine years ago when i moved to Texas from Va. And was searching for something to keep my Keeche girl in the fence and found you on the internet.”

Bailey, Sprout and Moogie

“Thank you guys so much! Bailey, Sprout and Moogie can now use the doggie door and have free reign of the back yard.”


“I am a 2 1/2 year-old, 50 lb. Golden Doodle named Ripple. You might not think a big, skinny dog like me could get through the bars on my parents’ new iron fence but I could . . . . until they found out about Puppy Bumpers. D’oh! Even though I look quite rugged in my Ultra Paisley Puppy Bumper, I am trapped in my yard and don’t even bother to put my face through anymore. Darn you, Puppy Bumpers!”


“Thanks very much. Just got it. Our mini Schnauzer, Lilliy, loves it. Here is a picture. Great product!”

Safe in the yard

“Thank you 100 times for our Puppy Bumpers. My girls have so much freedom and it’s all because of you! THANK YOU!”

Free to play!

“Thank you for giving my pups freedom in the backyard!”


“This is our dog Buddy modeling his new Puppy Bumper (we call it his Buddy Bumper). He is an escape artist, and this is the only thing that keeps him in the yard. Thanks for making such a great product – and for sending it all the way to Spain!”

Failed Attempt!

“Not getting out anymore! After a couple failed attempts, he gave up and played in the yard with his brothers! Amazing product!”


“Hugo loves his Puppy Bumper!”

Havanese puppy

“Our 12 week old Havanese could EASILY have slipped through the fence! His first day home wearing his puppy bumper! He didn’t love it at first but it did the job and he’s accustomed to it already on day 2!”

A recommendation!

“The puppy bumper is fantastic and keeps my dog safe!! I highly recommend it.”


“Thank you for creating the perfect product! We just put in a fence and our Gracie could squeeze through. We found the puppy bumper, and it’s perfect! It doesn’t bother her and no more fitting through the fence. Our family loves it! Thanks.”

Tic Tic

“Hello. This is a photo of our 4 year old Italian Greyhound named “Tic Tic” wearing his new Blue Digital Puppy Bumper. We recently installed an aluminum ornamental fence around the patio to allow him the freedom to run loose. After several almost successful attempts to squeeze his aerodynamically thin body between the vertical fence bars we decided to nix his freedom until I could find a remedy. I looked at fence screens, chicken wire, some type of collar with a “T” shape on it and then I found the Puppy Bumper. At first he didn’t tolerate it and kept standing on his rear legs, like a ballerina, and sliding it over his head. The collar we purchased with it was ineffective so we tried a narrower collar that we had and it worked! Sorry, Houdini. It really works. A cat recently ran past the fence and he took off after it like a bat out of hell. At high speed his head went between the fence bars and the Puppy Bumper stopped him, causing him to literally bounce backwards. He has learned that it is futile to try to squeeze out and is now content to sit and rest in a chair after his romps around the patio. Thank you Puppy Bumpers!”

No Electric Fence!

“I love it! I was ready to pay $1200 for an electric fence inside my fence to keep her inside. This is much better and works great!”


“Hi! I discovered Puppy Bumpers on the internet. I was searching on ideas to keep our dog inside a fence. We have land behind our house, but can only have a rod iron fence in our neighborhood. Our dog Coco could only be outside if we had her on a leash or a tie out because she could escape! She could never run truly free. Puppy Bumpers saved us and her!!!! Coco is so happy now that she can run freely through the entire yard! She LOVES it and we love it because she can burn off energy!!! Thanks so much! Here are a few pictures of our happy dog!”


“My Puppy Bumper arrived yesterday. I put it on Butters (my dog) and he barely even noticed he was wearing it. We then went out into the yard and, sure enough, he couldn’t fit through the fence! Seems like such a easy and simple fix. Thanks!”


“Thank you for such a great product. No more chasing BB through the neighborhood at midnight anymore!”


“Thanks for being a friendly company!”

Daisy the Houdini Dog!

“Here’s Daisy “Houdini” wearing her oh-so-fabulous Puppy Bumper! Doesn’t she look cute! She really seemed to like it after she got used to it and she didn’t get out of the yard, so hopefully this will work to keep her in!”


“I received the Puppy Bumper today. It is working great. Diesel doesn’t seem to mind wearing it at all.”


“Here is Emmet in his denim Puppy Bumper. As you can probably tell, he is full of energy and can be quite a handful. The Puppy Bumper is GREAT! Now he can go out in the yard and play with our other dogs and I have peace of mind! I’m sure I’ll be purchasing another in the near future. Thanks!”


“Here’s Honey with his new bumper. Now he can play in the yard and I don’t have to worry about him slipping out of the fence to chase the big dogs!”


“We love our Bumper Collar. Our dog has tested for sure. He stood still while I took photo in his camo collar. Thanks!”


“I have to thank you for coming up with the idea of the Puppy Bumper. It has saved us a lot of stress and a lot of money. We have always owned large dogs but our daughter wanted a smaller dog that she could walk thus we adopted our little Rose (a Chihuahua/terrier mix) from a rescue. Our yard is fenced so we put Rose down in our back yard and she immediately went over to the fence and slid right on through the slats. We ended up buying a lead to clip her on in the back yard but as the weather began to get colder the thought of carrying her outside each time and then bringing her back in after a few minutes over and over again began to wear on us. We thought about reinforcing the fence but the cost was too much. After researching we found the Puppy Bumper and I ordered one. When it arrived we placed it on Rose and put her outside with supervision. She tried to squeeze through the fence and under it but was unsuccessful….YES! It has worked great. I let her out last week and had misplaced the bumper thus didn’t put it on her. She was only out a few moments when I looked out to find her in our neighbors’ back yard playing with their dogs. I will definitely not take a chance with her again and will always place the bumper on her when she goes out. Now that our temperature is 18 degrees it is so nice not to have to go out with her plus she has the freedom of running in the yard without being confined to a lead. I would also like to mention that they are very well made and it has survived many trips through the washing machine. Thanks for coming up with this great idea. It is very much appreciated. Thanks for a great product!”


“I just wanted to let you know that the Puppy Bumper works like a charm. Our Samantha has not been able to get out of our fence. I was a little skeptical at first, because I thought for sure she would take it off, but she is really good about it. She knows that before she goes outside by herself, she has to wear her “bumpee” as we call it”


“Great invention! With all of my dogs I’m surprised the “necessity is the mother of invention” didn’t make me think of doing this. Tucker was constantly running through our back fence, even the shock collar was a challenge because you had to catch him in the act thereby having to keep your eye on him every moment. I still am out in the yard with my pups, but now I can actually do yard work without worrying. I may need to order another one, because he knows when he doesn’t have it on and makes a beeline for an opening. I now need one by each door. Thanks for a great idea that has helped create less stress in my life. We can all use that.”


“Thank you! I heard about the Puppy Bumper from another Cavalier breeder as young adults can still squeeze between 3″ bars. Deer come into my yard and they torment the dogs, even though I have a reinforcement wire surrounding my fence, I’ve had a couple of Cavaliers that can also get over it. I must say Derek feels really special wearing his bumper.”

Shelby and Lexy

“I wanted to send you a few photos of Shelby & Lexy relaxing in their Puppy Bumpers. What a godsend these have been! Last fall we moved to a new house with a fenced yard…it took Lexy about 3 days to discover she could escape through the fence. So after spending an entire afternoon putting deer fence netting on the inside of our fence, we tore it down. It looked horrible! After doing some research on the computer, I found your wonderful product. Thank you!”


“Good morning. This is Leland – he is a rescue from Lone Star Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso Rescue. He is using his puppy bumper as an e-collar. Works so well. We’ve been using them on our rescues after surgery for a few weeks now and it certainly makes life easier for us and the dogs. The dogs can easily eat and drink with the collars on and the collars are much more comfortable for them. Thank you.”


“Safe on the other side of the fence. Thanks Puppy Bumpers!”


“My 2lb. Yorkie named Jewels, looking so fashionable in her pink polka dot puppy bumper!”


“Not getting out anymore! after a couple failed attempts, he gave up and played in the yard with his brothers! Amazing product!”


“My puppies and their bumpers! Our Girl Ruby has it on for the first time today!”


“Chewy loves his bumper!”


“Thank you for a wonderful product! I was googling what I could put around my deck to prevent Cosmo from slipping through the slats. Somehow I found your website. What a great idea! Cosmo doesn’t seem to mind having the collar around his neck at all and I think he looks adorable! He can’t get through the slats anymore – horray!”

Trixie & Diesel

“Trixie & Diesel partners in crime. Thanks to Puppy Bumpers they are safe now…and so are the ducks!”


“This product is Amazing! Not only is it well designed for maximum comfort for our Cairn Terrier (he doesn’t mind it at all), but it works. Our Tully will do anything for food – well, almost anything. I stood outside our fence with one of his favorite treats, and, although he could get his head through the fence uprights, that was as far as he could go, strain and push as he might. You’ve done a great job with this product.”


“We love our Puppy Bumper. Jack, our little Yorkie Poo, is now able to play in the backyard without my worrying about his going through the fence. Jack is disappointed that he is no longer able to visit the neighbors yard! The Puppy Bumper keeps him safe. Thanks!”


“The puppy bumper is perfect! Thanks again!”


“Just wanted you to see Lulu in her Puppy Bumper. She has not escaped since we got her bumper.”


“Thank You for inventing puppy bumpers. Charlie is 2 years old and we just got him. He is 37 lbs and can just fit through our new aluminum fencing. He loves to chase the deer. Now he can’t get out and endanger himself.”


“We love Puppy Bumpers. Here is our little Bella in her new pink PB!! She is safe now where no cars can get her. Now to get her to stop digging up the yard.”


“We love Mia’s Puppy Bumper and so does she! She’s a 6lb Morkie and could easily get off our raised deck. She puts it on easily and runs around the deck with her big brother Scamp. Mia doesn’t even notice its on! What a great invention! Thank you!”

Rose and Zoe

“They love the “bumpies” as we call them. I live out in the country and the bumpers have kept them from going through the fence many times after deer!!”


“PROBLEM SOLVED!!! Skippy Jon and I LOVE his new bumper. It has kept Skip from getting out of our fence and he doesn’t seem to mind it at all. He actually waits to have it put on before going outside. He is able to do any activity (other than being nosey in the neighbors yards) that he wants. It is not cumbersome for him in the least. I selected the waterproof due to the splashing around the pool and humidity early morning in Florida. Words can’t show you exactly how handsome and proud he looks! You have to see for yourself ;0) Kudos to you for a BRILLIANT idea!!”


“We received the bumper last week and it works! Sophie doesn’t mind wearing it and now is able to go out on the balcony. Thanks!”


“We received the 2 puppy Bumpers today. Not only are they attractive and well-made, but they actually work!!”


“We received our Puppy Bumper VERY quickly and it is nothing short of a lifesaver!! Now we can let our puppy Nick play out in the back yard without worrying about him escaping under the fence and potentially onto the street and into traffic! I really have no idea what we would do without the Puppy Bumper! I’m heading to your website right now to order a second one so we have it just in case! It’s a well-made product that he’s comfortable in and it truly is a lifesaver!! Thanks so much for your amazing product!”


“We love the puppy bumper. It’s wonderful! It has made my life sooo much easier. Thank you! You should sell your product in Petsmart. I know many more would buy it! They don’t have anything like it. Here are some pictures of Charlie, our 5 month old Standard Poodle.”


“THANK YOU so much for sending a replacement bumper!  Here are a few pictures of our Boston Terrier, Juno, in it, and it has been 100% successful in keeping her in our yard no matter what bird, dog, or squirrel tempts her.”


“I ordered a bumper a couple of months ago for my very small malti-poo puppy and you added a second snap about 3 inches in for her small neck. It has worked out great and I just ordered another one through Paypal (Rainy Day Multi-stripe). Can I please ask you to add another snap, like you did for the first one, maybe 2 inches in? She has grown a bit! Attached is a picture of Lilly with her puppy bumper- we just got the fence and she is loving it! Thanks so much.”


“Thanks for sending the puppy bumper so quickly. Our son came home a few weeks ago with his dog Buckley and we found out he could squeeze through our fence. He came home again this week for Spring Break and we wondered what we could do to keep him inside our yard. I was researching on line for fencing and googled a question regarding solutions for dogs who can fit through fencing. Your company information came up. We are very pleased with the puppy bumper it is working wonderfully.”


“We love ours so much we’re ordering another one!”


“We received the bumpers over the weekend. Much to my surprise, Cosmo isn’t bothered at all by it! I was worried that the other pups would use it as a chew toy when rough housing, but Cosmo doesn’t let that happen. It works perfectly and keeps him behind the dog gate and in a tiled area with a dog door to the backyard. He can go in and out as he pleases and no more worrying about accidents on the carpet!”

Ellie Mae

“Thanks so much for our puppy bumper! Such a relief to be able to let my toy schnauzer, Ellie Mae, run around outside..worry free! A family friend bought some bumpers for her little ones, which is how I discovered this gem.”

Fufee Rose

“Fufee Rose loves her Puppy Bumpers!”


“Here’s Maggie showing off her Puppy Bumper. She loves it!!”


“Wow we already got our puppy bumper! It works great and really looks good too! She tried each and every slat and cannot fit through. After investing over $6,000 for a new fence, we were so upset when Molly slipped through. This is a great affordable product that helped us avoid having to out up ugly chicken wire all across bottom of fence. I want to buy 1-2 more so we are never without one. Molly got to run around and have fun with her big sis for the first time in a year!”


“Matilda is safe with her Bumper Collar on! Thank You !!”


“Licorice with her new Rainy Day Bumper. It’s perfect for our soggy springtime backyard.”


“Here’s a picture of my puppy Petey, trying to get under the rail of our balcony… only to be saved by his Puppy Bumper. They really work!”


“Here’s Bronx! He loves it! Thank you so much, it was the best thing we could have bought for our dog!”


“Here is the picture of my dog Peasie, wearing her Puppy Bumper. She has been wearing her for 2 years, now, and we have just ordered our second one. Peasie is a Boston terrier, and very petite. She can squeeze out of our fence, and before her Puppy Bumper she would slip out of the yard and go exploring. Her Puppy Bumper keeps her safe, and it is a real fun conversation starter when we have guests.”


“My little guy, Beau, and his new puppy bumper! It’s awesome!”


“We first put the bumper on our darling Weimaraner puppy Satchmo when he was 2 months old. He never objected because he knew wearing it meant a run through the gardens. I know one day he will grow large and not need his bumper protection any longer, but it sure has been a perfectly freeing collar for him as a little puppy–& he looks cute in it too.”


“Kona thinking about getting out, but lucky to be safe in the Puppy Bumper!”


“Received the pink polka-dot adorable Puppybumper for my Grandpuppy Scout. She took right to it with no problems & tested it right away, by running to her favorite “escape route” (the fence between our yard & the neighbor’s). It did give her pause for a moment, when she seemed to figure out that things had changed & her wandering days were over! LOL Thank you for this wonderful product! All of this time I had tried to change the fence in some way–it had never occurred to me to change the dog! Thank goodness there are smart people like you around!!!”


“We love the puppy bumper! The best thing we ever bought for our dog. We can let him loose in the yard now without worrying about him getting through the fence! His name is Sammy. Everyone I show it loves it! It is so perfect for Sammy as now he can go out in the yard and run, also he loves playing with fetch and soccer with the kids. Great invention! Thank you!!”


“Here is “Walker” in his Tiny Puppy Bumper. It works beautifully and he doesn’t seem to mind wearing it at all. Now if we could just get some cooler weather so he could be outside more :)So glad I found your web site.”


“Tucker the Chiweenie is foiled in his escape attempt by his Puppy Bumper! The Puppy Bumper has been the answer to our prayers, no shock collar or ugly chicken wire on the fence, and peace of mind knowing he can’t get out! Thanks!”


“The puppy bumper is working out great. It was for our Bosten Terrior, Dozer. He is a bit of a runt. At first he could slip right out of it since his head is as large as his neck. But we zip tied the little ribbon straps you are supposed to use with a collar, to a harness. Now it works great. And he loves being outside so it’s nice not to have to have him tied up all the time.He likes running and rough housing with our boxer, Koko, and of course barking at anything that moves (or doesn’t move for that matter).”

Senor Pepe and Lola

“We recently purchased two puppy bumpers and I wanted to share a picture of our two happy pups in your product. This is Lola (black) and Senor Pepe, our two Chihuahuas. We love the collar!”


“Steve with his puppy bumper! It keep him from squeezing out of the yard. Mahalo!”


“I am soooo excited! Got my puppy bumpers in the mail today and was able to go work in the yard and not have to worry about my escape artists joining me!! Here is Iki wondering why he can’t come out! They didn’t care about them at all! LOVE IT!!!”


“We love our puppy bumper! It works great and keeps Buddy from running out of our yard and after other dogs! Genius! Thanks for the fast shipping too!”


“Our Italian Greyhound, Patch kissing our neighbor’s Golden Retrievor, Tucker. No more running through the fence now that Patch is wearing his puppy bumper. Patch with his new puppybumper. He loves wearing it. Thinks he looks studly in it!


“Attached is Barkley, my 9-month old Shorkie (Shih Tzu/Yorkie), in his Puppy Bumper. It absolutely did the trick and kept him safely in the yard allowing us all to have a wonderful afternoon enjoying the outdoors. Thanks so much!”

Iggy Pop

“This is our dog “Iggy” (short for Iggy Pop) wearing his puppy bumper. He doesn’t seem to mind it and he hasn’t escaped yet! My husband and I are thrilled as we had spent time and money on solutions to try and keep this little guy in and nothing worked. Our other dog is 80 pounds so we’ve never had an issue like this. Well, non-issue now … LOL!”
“Safe on the other side of the fence. Thanks Puppy Bumpers!”


“My 2lb. Yorkie named Jewels, looking so fashionable in her pink polka dot puppy bumper!”


“My puppies and their bumpers! our Girl Ruby has it on for the first time today!”


“Chewy loves his bumper!”


“We found a huge gap in our fencing on the one side of the property that Luke got under. Our neighbors dog was having issues with their fence (which didn’t have such big gaps) so I let her borrow the Puppy Bumper. Here is a picture of Cricket with it. Her mom and dad are VERY happy with it as it keeps her safe and sound. Thank you so much!”