Keep dogs from getting
out of fences! 

Don’t let your dog escape through a fence or accidentally fall from a balcony. Puppy Bumpers® are patented and award-winning stuffed safety collars that attach easily to the existing collar to keep your dog safe.


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Which Puppy Bumper is right for you?

Original Puppy Bumpers®

Original Puppy Bumpers® are the perfect choice for most dogs, making even the tiniest pups TOO FAT to fit through the fence!

Made of 100% cotton material with Polyester Fiberfill stuffing, Original Puppy Bumpers® have ribbon loops on the inside of the neck hole that allow the Puppy Bumpers® to be attached to the collar to keep it from being pushed over the dog's head.

Our lightest and most popular, Original Puppy Bumpers® are machine washable and can be tumbled dry on low heat.

Ultra Puppy Bumpers®

Ultra Puppy Bumpers® are for those dogs and pups who have dog friends that like to engage in rough play. Ultra Puppy Bumpers® are made tough for the extra active dog and dogs in multi-dog families. Ultra Puppy Bumpers® are designed to keep dogs safe despite their being particularly determined to squeeze through the fence rails. Made of extra sturdy materials including Nylon Belting for the neck loops and heavy duty snaps, each Ultra Puppy Bumpers® is double stitched for extra durability -strong enough to keep the hard-headed Houdini at home. Ultra Puppy Bumpers® are machine washable and tumble dry on low heat and are made in the USA

Glow Pups Puppy Bumpers®

Glow Pups high visibility Puppy Bumpers® make it easier to find your pup in the dark while keeping him inside the fence. Made of brightly colored safety fabric with additional reflective piping around the edge. Glow Pups shine with even the slightest light source. Glow Pups Puppy Bumpers® are machine washable and tumble dry low. All Puppy Bumpers® are made in the USA

Rainy Day Water Resistant Puppy Bumpers®

** New Updated Fabrics** Rainy Day Puppy Bumpers® are made with water-resistant material and a polyester coating. Rainy Day Puppy Bumpers® are terrific in rain, mud and snow. They're just as effective as the other Puppy Bumpers® at keeping dogs from getting through fence or balcony rails. Rainy Day Puppy Bumpers® are stuffed with Polyester Fiberfill and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Holiday Puppy Bumpers®

Holiday Puppy Bumpers® make every day festive by keeping dogs from getting out of fences. Made with of 100% cotton material with Polyester Fiberfill stuffing.

Sale Items

Sale Items - These are items we are limited on Size / Style - Still Great Puppy Bumpers® Quality, Just Priced Reduced!

Collars and Leashes

Several matching collars and leashes to complete the look! The 4' leash is the perfect length for your pup. The collar sizes are based on neck measurement * Collars and Leashes are sold separately.

Customer Returns / Seconds

Customer returns, may have scuffs, slight wear. MFG Seconds may be missing a loop, wrong size tag etc.. All items are checked to ensure no "Product Use Defect" meaning, the product will still function as a Puppy Bumper. NOTE: These items are NOT returnable.