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Katherine Breeden of Comments on Puppy Bumpers®

Katherine Breeden of (Veterinarian Recommended Animal Behavior Consultant Affiliate Member, International Association Animal Behavior Consultants No. 503AF. Member, Association of Pet Dog Trainers. No. 66952) says:

“I have to share this fantastic device I have recently discovered! For a long time I’ve been battling with the problem of clients who live on golf course communities and have small dogs who can slip right through the fence. No amount of training can guarantee they won’t get through if “push comes to shove.”

“Well now I have found the solution!! Puppy Bumpers! They are padded collars that fit around the neck and prevent dogs from getting through spaces. They come in a variety of colors & fabrics. I’ve used them on half a dozen dogs now with no problem. Just put it on and off they go. The dogs love it because they suddenly get total freedom in their yards instead of being on leash or dragging a long line everywhere!”