Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Puppy Bumpers? Check out our frequently asked questions below. If you have questions that aren’t already answered on this page, please feel free to contact us at

Do you provide tracking information?

We send out 2 Emails:

  • Order Confirmation Email when you place your order.
  • Shipping Notification Email with tracking information once we ship.

If you are not receiving these emails, please check your SPAM/ JUNK folders, unfortunately these notifications end up there.  If you didn’t receive, then you can email us at – provide us with your information and include your Mobile number ( we will send a text with the information as well to ensure you receive)

How do I know what size to get?

Sizing is based upon the dogs actual neck size, not the size of the dogs collar.  Measure the dog’s neck where its collar rests naturally.  You should be able to put 1 fingers between the measuring tape and the dog’s neck.  Having the correct size is important for the Puppy Bumper to be comfortable and effective for your dog.

  • Necks ranging up to 10″ Select size: Up to 10”
  • Necks ranging 10″ to 13″ Select size: 10” – 13″
  • Necks ranging 13″ to 16″ Select size: 13” – 16″

As a general guide: If your dog is under 4lbs please contact us to ensure proper fit. We can look at adding an additional Snap etc.. to help.. we do not charge for extra snaps

We suggest you go up to next size if your dog is on the top of the size chart.. so if the dogs neck is 10 1/2 – then go select 10-13″ Puppy Bumper

Do you ship out of the USA?

YES! Our site will not calculate shipping but if your email us at  Tell us Where the item is shipping, Which Item, How Many, What Size – We will send you shipping options ( USPS International is our preferred method) then once you decide on the method, we will send a PayPal Invoice for the Items + Shipping

Note: Our Prices / Shipping do not include Duty imposed by your local customs

Do you accept Returns / Exchanges?

Exchanges / Returns:

  • We accept new / unused exchanges or returns. Email us at – provide us with your name, order number – tell us how we can help.

Will you make a special Puppy Bumper?  Can you use my fabric?

  • We have three sizes to choose from which should fit most, we can assist the fit by adding an additional snap, just need to email us (, we can start the conversation to see how / what we can do to help ensure the fit of the Puppy Bumper you need. 
  • Special Fabrics  –  Email us with the information (  We can let you know what materials work, how much material is needed, costs etc..
  • Note: We are not able to use leather, we do not have the machines needed to sew leather

How Fast do you Ship?  How do you Ship?

We try to ship same day (if purchased before noon pacific) Monday thru Friday.  We ship via USPS First Class or Priority Mail

What are Puppy Bumpers made of?

All Puppy Bumpers are stuffed with 100% premium Fiberfill so they are light and comfortable.  Original Puppy Bumpers are made from cotton covers while the Rainy Day has a Poly coating and the Glow Pups are made from a Polyester safety material.  The Ultra Puppy Bumpers are made from heavy duty fabric with nylon belting and heavier duty snaps.

Are Puppy Bumpers washable?

Yes!  Puppy Bumpers are made of 100% cotton with polyester fiberfill.  They can be washed on the gentle cycle with cold water.  Tumble dry low heat. NOTE: the exception to this are the Rainy Day Puppy Bumpers which should be wiped with a damp cloth to clean.

Can I use our Puppy Bumper as an alternative to an e-collar?

Puppy Bumpers are designed to not restrict movement.  There are limited areas on an animal for which a Puppy Bumper would be effective as a restrictive device.  Each case should be considered and tested before using a Puppy Bumper for this purpose.

Can I leave the Puppy Bumper on all the time?

While dogs don’t seem to mind wearing Puppy Bumpers, we suggest that they are only used while the dog is supervised.

Will my dog mind wearing the Puppy Bumper?

Almost universally, dogs don’t mind wearing Puppy Bumpers.

  • Puppy Bumpers are light and they sit behind the dog’s head so all they can feel is the collar that slips through the ribbon loops.
  • Different from an e-collar, Puppy Bumpers don’t restrict a dog’s movement – except through the fence!

How do Puppy Bumpers stay on?

  • Puppy Bumpers have ribbon loops on the inside of the neck hole.  A collar (not included) slips through the ribbon loops to hold the Puppy Bumper on securely.
  • We suggest having a separate collar that you can keep with the Puppy Bumper.
  • We can also assist by placing the snap at the exact neck size – just reach out before you ( we add snaps at no extra charge)

Will Puppy Bumpers work on my cat?

Puppy Bumpers are specifically designed for dogs.  Some customers are using them on their cats, but again, they would need to be very closely supervised. Remember, cats can jump over the fence or rail.

Please feel free to contact us at for any other questions.